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Three more days – I need three more orders

July 29, 2011

Can you help me do it? I bet you can.

There are only THREE more days to place your orders for houndstooth cookie baskets. After July 31, where else can you find handmade houndstooth cookies? Probably nowhere. So do yourself a favor and hop on over to the Etsy shop and order one today.

Remember there are two kinds of cookies (houndstooth or crimson awareness ribbons) and there is one listing for local folks (no shipping cost, because they can be delivered to you in Tuscaloosa) and one for out-of-towners with a small shipping fee.

The feedback I’ve gotten has been really good, so I think you ought to try them out for yourself, and help out my fellow UA folks by donating to the UA Acts of Kindness Fund.

Have questions? Just send them to me at

Happy Friday!


The Secret to Houndstooth

July 19, 2011

Before this adventure into houndstooth cookie land, I very rarely paid much attention to the pattern at all. In fact, from a distance it just looked like a distorted black and white checker board to me. But that was before I lived in Tuscaloosa – the houndstooth capital of the world. Around here, locals can spot “real” houndstooth from a mile away.

So when I decided I was going to make houndstooth cookies, I tried about five different ways to get the pattern onto sugar cookies with no success (and a lot of failures). Finally, I just bit the bullet and decided each one would have to be a custom job done by hand. Sigh.

So how does one even begin? First I found a photo of the print online and printed it out and enlarged it by 50 percent so I could look at the details up close. Then I just stared at it for a while, and eventually a pattern emerged. So here you go, the steps to drawing houndstooth:

First, I started with my blank canvas (in this case, a cookie):

Then you begin by drawing small squares that are equidistant from each other. That means that the white space in between each one should be the same size as the square itself.

Next, you just fill in the squares. Color in the lines, just like kindergarten =)

Here’s where things get tricky. We want to start at the bottom right corner of each square and draw what I like to call a “fish tail” on a diagonal. All it is, is two triangles that come out from the edges of the square. Like this:

The final step involves drawing little “arms” on your fishy so that they almost connect with the square above it and the one next to it. The first one comes from the bottom left corner of the square toward the top right corner of the next square. The second one comes from the top right corner and comes toward the bottom left corner of the next square. Opposites. Then voila!:

Then you’ve got yourself some houndstooth.

Of course if this looks like too much of a hassle, then you can just save yourself the 3-4 minutes per cookie and just buy a basket from me instead. =)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Three more weeks until the home stretch!

July 12, 2011

I know that most of you are(hopefully) in the throes of a fun and eventful summer, but for some of us – namely the residents of Tuscaloosa, AL – we are still dealing with the aftertmath of the storm. I want to share a video about the storm that one of the students in UA’s College of Arts and Sciences (where I work) made. It actually won him a $5,000 scholarship at a film festival in California. It’s called “Portrait of a Storm”:

In his acceptance speech, he talks about how when something big like this happens, the whole world knows about it, but the way our society works, we quickly forget. What is the old saying? Yesterday’s newspaper is today’s wastepaper basket liner?

So if you decide to purchase a basket to benefit the UA Acts of Kindness Fund, then you are helping students like the ones who told their story in the film. We have all come to terms with what happened, but in order to get back on our feet completely, we have to look for acts of kindness from others.

In order to meet my original goal, I need to sell 6 more baskets by July 31. I know you can help me do it!


Update on my Tuscaloosa tornado relief effort

June 16, 2011

Since my last post, I am happy to say that three more baskets were purchased. That puts me within reach of my goal if I can get 8 more baskets sold! You should be sure to participate before this offer expires! Check out the Etsy site  or send me an email for details.

Thanks to some kind words posted sbout this effort on College Confidential, I had some unexpected orders come from some UA moms in Missouri and Virginia. One of them sent a basket to her daughter who works in New York. She mentioned that it may drum up some extra publicity up there – so here’s to hoping!

Also, since the heat has been so dreadfully unbearable, I’ve been concerned that mailed cookies out of state may not arrive in as good of a condition as I would like them, so I may have to limit my sales to in-state shipping and local delivery only. I will post an update on that later if it becomes the case.

But I would just like to say that I appreciate all the support so far, and I look forward to making a donation later this summer!

Update on Cookie Baskets

June 6, 2011

In less than a week, there has already been such a positive response to the cookie baskets to raise funds for the UA Acts of Kindness Fund. Thanks to everyone who has already ordered – please tell your friends about this limited time offer!

On the Etsy shop, I decided to make things easier by splitting up the listings. There is now:

I hope this makes it easier when ordering online. I still need about 11 mored orders to reach my goal – please help out a good cause.

Have great day!


Limited Time Only! Tuscaloosa Tornado Relief Cookie Baskets!

June 1, 2011

Hi everyone,

As many of you know, my city of Tuscaloosa was hit pretty hard by an EF-5 tornado on April 27.  Fortunately, my husband and I are safe, and all of our friends in town are safe too. But there was still a lot of devastation, and even a month later the city looks completely wrecked. (For early accounts, see my personal blog).

So as a means to raise funds for the recovery efforts, I am opening up the shop again to offer limited time cookie baskets with cookies made in either hounds-tooth pattern, or Crimson and White Awareness Ribbons. If you know me at all, you know I am an Auburn football fan (despite working and going to grad school at UA), so for me to lovingly draw a houndstooth pattern on countless cookies is a real act of will and kindness on my part (ha!)








The proceeds from the sale of these baskets will go directly to the UA Acts of Kindness Fund, which was set up to help UA employees and students affected by the storm. It is a good cause. There are many good causes out there – United Way, Recover Tuscaloosa, etc. but this one was closest to my heart because it will help my peers and colleagues.

So please help me reach my goal of 15 baskets by July 31 so that I can donate $250 to the fund. Email me or purchase one on Etsy today!

Happy June-


Taking a little break…

March 17, 2011

Since I have completed my first round of Treat of the Month club subscribers, I am going to take this time to take a little hiatus from Blue Bird Baskets. I will be closing the Etsy shop temporarily, but if you still need to make some orders, please feel free to contact me. I am planning to regroup and come back with some very exciting things.

Also, if you feel the need to keep up with what is going on in my personal life, feel free to check out my personal blog.

Until next time-